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Make decisions based on facts

Make fact-based decisions. Festo Automation Experience (Festo AX) is an easy-to-use solution that allows you to extract maximum value from the data produced by your system through artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. You can increase productivity, reduce energy costs, avoid quality losses, optimise your shop floor and create new business models just by analysing your data with Festo AX. Predictive maintenance, predictive energy and predictive quality – together we implement your individual solution. Get in touch with us!

What Festo AX has to offer

Festo AX Overview

As experts in electric and pneumatic automation, we offer you much more than just a conventional IoT solution; we combine our in-depth industry expertise with our experience in data science and software development. You can start with condition monitoring and preventive maintenance of components, machines and systems. Data recorded from the shop floor can be used to make runtime-related maintenance suggestions, facilitating more efficient servicing. In just a few clicks you can easily enhance the capabilities of Festo AX with artificial intelligence.

Read more about the most important functions:

  • Real-time artificial intelligence
    Festo AX analyses live data in real time. What does that mean for you? You get the information you need as soon as an anomaly occurs. No delays. No lags. That gives you the time you need to make arrangements before anything really bad happens.
  • Flexible integration in all systems
    Festo AX works perfectly with our components, which are used in many machines and systems. By adopting established protocols such as OPC UA, MQTT and many others, it is easy to integrate the application in third-party components and machines.
  • On premises, on edge or in the cloud?
    Festo AX can be run anywhere, be that directly on the system (on-edge), on your servers (on-premises) or in the cloud. We support you in whichever environment you prefer!
  • Human-in-the loop: incorporating your expertise
    Festo AX learns both from our algorithms and your valuable knowledge. Your input helps Festo AX learn more about the state of your assets and ensures continuous learning and improved algorithms. Was the anomaly detected part of a healthy condition or a leak in the compressed air supply? Your feedback, i.e. your classification of the anomalies and recommended further action, provides the person receiving the notification with the information they need so that when the anomaly occurs next, they know exactly which system is affected, what is happening and what they need to do. Simply put, Festo AX keeps the "human in the loop".
  • Your data belongs to you alone.
    The data we collect belongs exclusively to our customers and is only used as agreed.

Festo AX for end users

Predictive Maintenance

Avoiding production stand stills is a big challenge for many manufacturers. Festo AX helps you overcome this challenge.

How? The data produced by your assets is sent directly to the Festo AX software and processed by algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning straight away (real time analytics). You are notified as soon as the data differs from the “healthy state” of the asset (anomaly detection). The notification informs you of the sensors involved and even provides a recommended course of action. Of course, Festo AX also still needs your knowledge: classify the anomaly so that the software knows how to react next time the same anomaly occurs - improving the algorithms and also avoiding unwanted notifications (human-in-the-loop).

The result: Anomalies are detected very early on, meaning that unexpected downtime can be avoided, spare parts are at the ready and maintenance can be carried out without having any negative impact on your production.

Predictive Energy

Festo AX supports you in all your energy efficiency tasks. For example, reducing energy costs such as network charges by preventing costly load peaks is a complex and challenging task.

How? Festo AX adaptively learns the load profiles of consumers and connectable generators in production and calculates power averages. The software generates a warning message alerting you very early on if a defined and cost-relevant load limit is about to be exceeded - for example, power consumption.

The result: Proactive measures for switching off relevant consumers, connecting own generators – such as CHPs – or even restructuring production can be implemented before the load limit is exceeded. Enabling you to avoid peak loads, reduce grid charges and consequently lower production costs.

Predictive Quality

Manufacturing processes are set up to produce the best results yet rejects occur time and time again. Festo AX helps you to avoid quality loss, thus reducing the amount of rejects you produce.

How? Festo AX learns the complex correlations between process parameters and exogenous influencing factors – such as ambient temperatures – and proactively alerts the process expert of impending quality losses by analysing the process data in real time.

The result: The system calculates which process parameters are responsible for the quality loss and how they must be adjusted in order to achieve the defined product quality again. Thus, ensuring consistent quality and avoiding rejects all together.

Festo AX for OEMs

Festo AX for OEMs

Integrating artificial intelligence on your own shop floor is not the only way you can benefit from the data your systems generate. You can also connect Festo AX to your systems to expand your offer with new AI products. Enable your customers to utilise the potential of the data that has been gathered or offer them AI-based products as an "all-inclusive package".

Your benefits in a nutshell

Automation Experience

  • Reduced downtime on the shopfloor
    hence: no unplanned stand stills, no production delays, no contractual penalties towards your customers due to Predictive Maintenance

  • Reduced energy costs
    due to optimal energy consumption

  • Increased daily output
    by monitoring and and identifying bottlenecks and optimising cycle times

  • Reduced rejected good
    hence: no quality loss, less waste, more efficient production due to consistent product quality

  • Reduced production costs
    due to the optimal setup of adjustable control parameters

  • All the information you need at your fingertips
    customised to your needs, with Festo AX Visualisation

Festo AX: Bringing AI to your assets

We provide you with support regardless of your preferred runtime environment. Thanks to its open interfaces and connectivity adapters, Festo AX is easy to integrate into existing infrastructures. Flexible operation is possible by using container, docker technology.

Festo is with you all the way, from components to software solutions, on edge or in the cloud.

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