EPLAN-Projects: Schematic Solution

Schematic diagram service from Festo

Countless files accumulate on computers. With Schematic Solution, Festo has programmed a service that creates a project from the order code of an individually configured solution. In no time at all! Simply enter the order code in the search mask and you will receive the complete plan in just a few minutes - error-free and secure. Tedious searching is a thing of the past, no more downloading and assembling the individual parts.

Where were the configuration solutions again? Which file has the documents for the individual components? There are countless files accumulating on computers. We have developed Schematic Solution so that you don’t have to spend your time on tedious searches and long-winded, error-prone documentation. The tool creates a project for you, using the order code for a custom configured solution. It does this in no time at all and without any errors – you just need to enter the order code in the search field. There’s no more tedious searching for, downloading and piecing together of individual components.

How easily to work with Schematic Solutions

Festo has supported work with EPLAN for many years. This is why EPLAN documentation with Schematic Solutions is very simple and error-free. If you work with "EPLAN Electric P8" or "EPLAN Fluid", Festo offers you macros in 21 languages for more than 38,000 components. Top service. Top result.

Save time - time is money!

Why block a well-paid engineer with low productivity when there is a service that can do the job? Documenting an EPLAN project by hand can indeed take several hours and, depending on its complexity, is highly error-prone. With Schematic Solution, this time can be used to add value, and project documentation can be created without errors.

Take a look at the Festo video tutorials and learn step by step how to use the Schematic Solution app to create automated EPLAN projects according to the individual configuration of the valve terminal and then integrate them into your existing EPLAN documentation.

Step 1: Video tutorial "Log in and configure"

Step 2: Video tutorial "Create and integrate"

Step 3: Video tutorial "Filing"