Smartenance digital maintenance management

Smartenance keeps maintenance simple!

Are you still planning all your system maintenance with pen and paper? You can make this process easier, faster and more reliable with Smartenance, the digital maintenance manager. With the app, all the maintenance tasks and instructions can be accessed directly on the shop floor and the maintenance status of all systems is always kept up to date. Get started now and try out Smartenance for free for a month.

Preventive system maintenance is a time-consuming process, but it is easier, faster and more reliable with Smartenance, the digital maintenance schedule.

You can use Smartenance to manage and document your maintenance tasks in the office, either as a mobile maintenance schedule in the app or using the web browser application. Intelligent user management and teamwork make your maintenance management efficient. The intuitive operation makes Smartenance an easy and cost-effective introduction to digitalisation.

Organise your maintenance team with Smartenance

Smartenance organises maintenance experts into strong teams. All the information required for maintenance is accessible via the cloud with the web application for production managers and maintenance technicians, plus the mobile app for operators – so teamwork runs like clockwork.

Smartenance digital maintenance management: application in the office

For production managers

Create and manage autonomous maintenance tasks conveniently from your office with the web application. You can access the maintenance status of your systems and view responses from your colleagues quickly and easily. Link Smartenance to other systems or initiate automated maintenance tasks via the interface. The system logbook means you are perfectly prepared for audits.

Smartenance digital maintenance management: application on tablet

For maintenance technicians

You can view, assign and respond to current fault messages via the web application on your PC or tablet. The intelligent logbook allows you to search efficiently for similar faults, so that you can build on existing knowledge and rectify problems specifically.

Smartenance digital maintenance management: application on tablet

For operators

The Smartenance app gives you access to the maintenance plan, which provides a digital copy of all the maintenance tasks, detailed instructions, images and PDFs. Completed tasks are simply ticked off. You can also use the comment function to send clear feedback to your production manager.

The right licence package for your needs

You can choose the Smartenance functions to suit your requirements. Decide which package you want and how many licences you need. One licence corresponds to one app user or one access for a mobile device (tablet/smartphone).

Smartenance Basic: autonomous maintenance

  • Create maintenance tasks including images, PDFs and videos
  • Mobile app with maintenance schedule and access to all documents
  • Feedback from the app including images
  • Overview of maintenance status
  • Manage maintenance activities across shifts

Smartenance Advanced: autonomous maintenance + fault management + system logbook

  • Functions of Smartenance Basic
  • Report faults via the app
  • Edit and close fault tickets
  • Documentation of measures and completion reports
  • Intelligent search for existing knowledge
  • Complete system logbook

Smartenance Premium: autonomous maintenance + fault management + system logbook + data interface

  • Functions of Smartenance Advanced
  • Full read and write access via REST API
  • Comprehensive documentation on working with the API
  • Option to link to MES/ERP systems
  • Activate maintenance tasks based on events

Curious? Try out Smartenance now for free for a month

Smartenance is already being used successfully at Festo's Rohrbach plant

The future of maintenance management

Always available, up to date and ready for use, Smartenance brings maintenance management into the digital age. In the Rohrbach plant in Germany, the mobile digital maintenance manager is used to maintain a system with 17 robots. The “digital logbook” transforms Smartenance into a knowledge and communication platform for your maintenance team.

New system for manufacturing different variants

One of the biggest and most complex systems that is maintained using Smartenance in the Rohrbach plant is for manufacturing different variants. Since November 2019, it has manufactured several thousand different cylinder variants in many sizes and with different strokes, from the round cylinder DSNU and the compact cylinder ADN to the standards-based cylinders DSBC, DSBF and DNC. The average manufacturing time per cylinder is 25 seconds.

Smartenance digital maintenance management: producing cylinder variants at the Festo plant in Rohrbach

A total of 17 robots are used. Several thousand different cylinder variants are manufactured on the system.

Reliable and efficient thanks to digitised maintenance

The 17 robots used in the system are regularly serviced by six employees who are responsible for a total of around 120 maintenance tasks. The effort involved in documenting this mammoth undertaking is huge. The team relies on Smartenance for maximum reliability and efficiency in its maintenance tasks. Volker Neumüller, an employee in the Maintenance Processes division, recognised the benefits of digitised maintenance and was the driving force behind its use in the plant. Production managers can now define the tasks more easily and quickly, and use illustrations, videos or specific data sheets to prepare them so they are easier for employees to understand.

Positive feedback and further use

Volker Neumüller reports: “To ensure that Smartenance was tested on a broad basis, we defined a range of pilot systems, from a simple assembly workstation to complex production systems and assembly lines. The signs were good right from the beginning. Now, 106 users maintain and service 160 systems in Rohrbach and Wiebelskirchen. We continuously provide feedback so that the digital tool can be further improved.” Employees are regularly trained in order to enable them to maintain additional systems as quickly as possible using Smartenance.

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