Digital automation components: Festo Motion Terminal

Automation components with digital added value

You are probably very eager not to miss out on the great leaps in productivity that digitalisation brings. So it makes sense to start using automation products that already have digital functionality, or that allow their functions to be greatly expanded via apps. Visions of the future? Take a look at these highlights for our smart products.

Increasing numbers of Festo products are cyber-physical systems in line with Industry 4.0. They take in data from the application and from the device itself, precompress it by compiling the data into diagnostic modules in CODESYS V3 in accordance with VDMA 24582, and then forward that information to the cloud. Here are some specific examples from compressed air preparation, preconfigured system kits and valve terminal technology. And thanks to the universal IoT interface, Festo pneumatics can already be flexibly integrated into almost all IoT architectures.


CPX-IoT Gateway

Wouldn’t it be great to get a ready-to-install solution with a connection to Industry 4.0? And preferably one that can also be used in existing systems? We have exactly the right thing for you: an IoT gateway that lets you connect the tried-and-tested Festo controller and valve terminal CPX to the cloud. Here, data is collected, analysed and evaluated and then displayed directly on the corresponding Festo Dashboard. You will thus always have full control over your systems, wherever you are, as well as the ability to further optimise them.

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