Festo Automation Experience

Make decisions based on facts

The Festo Automation Experience (Festo AX) offers you an easy-to-use Artificial Intelligence solution that allows you to gain great benefits from analysing the data being produced by your assets. Increase productivity, reduce energy costs, avoid quality loss, optimise your shopfloor and create new business models – simply by analysing your data with Festo AX. As an expert in electric and pneumatic automation we offer you much more than just a regular Industry 4.0 solution because we combine our expertise in data science and software development with great domain knowledge.

Automation Experience

  • Reduced downtime on the shopfloor
    hence: no unplanned stand stills, no production delays, no contractual penalties towards your customers due to Predictive Maintenance

  • Reduced energy costs
    due to optimal energy consumption

  • Increased daily output
    by monitoring and and identifying bottlenecks and optimising cycle times

  • Reduced rejected good
    hence: no quality loss, less waste, more efficient production due to consistent product quality

  • Reduced production costs
    due to the optimal setup of adjustable control parameters

  • All the information you need at your fingertips
    customised to your needs, with Festo AX Visualisation

Festo AX: Bringing AI to your assets

We provide you with support regardless of your preferred runtime environment. Thanks to its open interfaces and connectivity adapters, Festo AX is easy to integrate into existing infrastructures. Flexible operation is possible by using container, docker technology.

Festo is with you all the way, from components to software solutions, on edge or in the cloud.

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