The life cycle management plattform Projects

Engage the digital project professional

With Projects your product-oriented projects run much easier. Projects provides you with configuration-specific data on your products and you can arrange your assets intuitively and clearly. There's no need for tedious rework when you update your products, because Projects keeps your projects up to date. Projects is your path to digital twin. And for collaboration with customers and colleagues, all you need is an e-mail. Gives Projects drive: Projects from Festo.

Manage all your automation projects and their components with Festo in a way that is easy, central and throughout the entire product life cycle! Projects provides you with a quick and clear overview of configuration-specific product data. Your assets are arranged clearly and intuitively according to the relationships between the control system, fieldbus and components. You are always up to date even when products change or are updated. In addition, Projects makes collaboration easier: simply invite other participants by e-mail to collaborate on your project.

How to work with Projects

Step 1: Create project, add data, invite team

Build your project with your individual components using drag-and-drop logic.

Add images or documents to your project at any time by uploading them.

Invite your project team.

Step 2: Visualize engineering data

Display all relevant engineering information for your product in a configuration-correct and central location for all team members.

Coordinate feedback and adjustments.

Step 3: Order your product now!

Create a parts list and pass it directly to the shopping cart.

All project data is stored by Projects throughout the product life cycle, so you can access a digital twin.