Festo Automation Experience

Make decisions based on facts

The Festo Automation Experience (Festo AX) offers you easy-to-use software modules for monitoring components, machines and systems. This transformation to maintenance based on data is another step towards more efficient and optimised production.

Automation Experience

Your benefits

  • Reduced downtime
    through predicted device failure and timely error messages

  • Save up to 20%
    in maintenance time with error detection

  • Increased daily output
    by monitoring and and identifying bottlenecks and optimising cycle times

  • Reduced consequential losses due to unplanned stoppages
    thanks to process transparency and traceability

  • Continuous improvements
    with root cause analysis (RCA)

Create a self-optimising system for your production!

#higherproductivity with Festo Automation Experience

Impressive benefits to win you over

Real-time monitoring of the actuator performance

The unexpected failure of actuators leads to machine downtimes, reducing plant availability and resulting in missed production targets. Festo AX continuously monitors pneumatic actuators during operation and gives you an early warning so that you have enough time to plan maintenance. Depending on the cause, failures can be predicted between 30 hours and 14 days before they actually occur!

Diagnostics and error classification at component and machine level

By classifying errors, valuable information is provided about where they occurred and what caused them. Was it a leak in the compressed air supply or does it indicate wear on seals or bearings? In other words: what corrective actions are required?

These diagnostics can be aggregated from data gathered from the component level to the plant level so that you have an overview of the status of all your production assets.

Just a few additional clicks to fully and automatically integrate predicted failures into your maintenance processes

With Festo AX, service and maintenance processes are fully integrated and service or maintenance tasks are automatically created before breakdowns occur.

The digital maintenance manager Smartenance with its integrated incident management is a perfect addition to Festo AX.

Information and notifications for individual target groups

Festo AX offers each target group information that is specific and relevant to them. We use AI and machine learning to do this ‘behind the scenes’ so the user doesn’t require expert knowledge in these areas.

Notifications can be personalised and relevant information sent to different recipients, e.g. by e-mail as and when they require it.

Maintain an overview of all production equipment

As the pace in production is hectic, all relevant information must be presented in a timely fashion, clearly and precisely. What’s more, the asset browser in Festo AX enables the monitoring and visualisation of a large number of assets, providing clear overviews and is the starting point for more in-depth analyses, should that be needed.

We are open and flexible, the system does not have to be 100% Festo.

Festo AX operates optimally with our components which are used in many machines and plants. However, the application is open to integration with third-party components and machines by adopting common protocols such as OPC-UA and many others.

Your One-Stop-Shop

We provide you with support regardless of your preferred runtime environment. Thanks to its open interfaces and connectivity adapters, Festo AX is easy to integrate into existing infrastructures. Flexible operation is possible by using container, docker technology.

Festo is with you all the way, from components to software solutions, on edge or in the cloud.

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